My name is Rich Cabael. I was born in the Philippines but grew up in the United States. I’ve always been fond of the Philippines because of the way I was raised, how I was educated, and through trips back home.

In 2005, I started VuQo Inc. in Quezon City, Philippines with the mission to create premium wines and spirits. I always hated the fact that in general, people felt products from the Philippines were inferior. I wanted to create products that the Philippines can be proud of and to show the world we can make great products.

After years of development and hard work, we launched our products. VuQo Premium Vodka and Haliya Light Fruit Wines and we’re proud of it. We’ve created two premium brands that are winning awards and the best part is that everything is made in the Philippines. From the creation of the wines and spirits, to the creative designs of the bottles, labels, and packaging. It’s all done by a group of people passionate about showcasing our products to the worldwide.